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Confidentiality of Records Policy

The reading and examination of any book on the library shelves shall be considered a private matter with each individual and not subject to review by the library staff, the Board of Directors or any other body.  In addition, the library staff and the Board of Directors recognizes its obligation to protect the basic rights of readers to enjoy this privacy.  It is the policy of the Babcock Library of Ashford to preserve the privacy of circulation and other records that identify the names of library users to the fullest extent permitted by law.  To that end, the circulation records of the library shall be released or disclosed only as provided herein.  The Head Librarian shall not release library records to any person other than the patron named in the record (i.e. the library cardholder).  Section 11-25(b) of the Connecticut General Statues prohibits disclosure to all third parties, excluding parents or guardians of minors.

Records Protected
Personal circulation records may not be disclosed to third parties.  Section 11-25 (b) prohibits the release of “personally identifiable information contained in circulation records.”  Library records do not include non-identifying materials such as circulation statistics or non-identifying information on the circulation of specific materials or reference questions asked.

Notification of Library Director
Any employee of the Babcock library of Ashford who receives a request, or who is served with a subpoena, court order, or other legal process, to release or disclose any library records shall promptly notify the Head Librarian.

Action by the Head Librarian
The Head Librarian, in a timely manner, shall review all requests and orders, consult with the town’s attorney and respond in an appropriate manner to each such request and order in accordance with this policy.

Requests for Library Records
The Head Librarian shall deny, in writing, all requests for the release or disclosure of library records as defined under state statute, unless the Head Librarian has received the named patron’s written consent for such release or disclosure.

Authority for Policy The authority for this policy is Section 11-25(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes, not withstanding the provisions of section I-19.  

Approved by the Babcock Library Board of Directors October 2002