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Babcock Library Resident and Non Resident Use Policy

The Babcock Library participates in the Connecticard and Connecticar reciprocal borrowing program.  The Babcock Library honors the library cards of other Connecticut public libraries and uses the same borrowing parameters for non-residents as for residents.  The Babcock Library accepts the return of materials belonging to other Connecticut public libraries and returns them to the owning library via the Connecticar delivery system.

Every resident of Ashford is eligible to receive a library card from the Babcock Library by showing a current photo ID and proof of current address.  This library card may be used in all public libraries that participate in the Connecticard reciprocal borrowing program.  Use of a Babcock Library card in another library is subject to the rules of that library.

Residents of other Connecticut towns need to obtain a library card from their hometown library.  They are then welcome to use their hometown card at the Babcock Library.  This is in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes: Title 11, Section 3a., part e and Connecticut guidelines.

A person who comes to the Babcock Library and does not have a card from his/her hometown library will be allowed to borrow materials under a temporary provisional privilege by showing a current photo ID, proof of local address and proof of home address.