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Babcock Library Donations Policy

The Babcock Library accepts donations of materials which shall become the property of the Library with the understanding that the Head Librarian has final authority in their disposition.

Only materials donated without restrictions will be accepted, and they are evaluated using the same criteria as materials that are purchased.  If the Head Librarian considers that the materials will be in demand and will enhance the collection, the materials will be cataloged and added to the collection.  Those materials that are added to the collection will be classified and shelved according to standard procedures.

Current issues of donated magazine subscriptions may be placed on display for a limited time.

Due to the limited display space, as a general rule the Babcock Library is unable to accept donations of art for permanent display in the library.

Materials not needed, but in good condition and still of value, may be offered to another organization or given to the Friends of the Library for its book sales.

Donors will be given a statement listing the number and general type of materials donated if they so request.  The Babcock Library will not assess the value of materials donated.

This policy applies to all donations: artwork, collections, books, recordings, magazines, plants, furniture, sculpture, etc.

All gifts will be acknowledged by the Head Librarian or the Babcock Library Board of Directors.  The Babcock Library is grateful for materials donated as outlined above.

Approved by the  Babcock Library Board of Directors April 2002