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Babcock Library Customer Service Policy

    1. Parents, guardians or caregivers are responsible for the behavior, safety and supervision of their children at all times while children are in the library  and on library premises.

      a. No child under 8 may be left alone in the library for any reason. b. Preschool children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  

      c. During storytimes adults are asked to remain with the children. Children ages 1 through 5 must be accompanied by adults in storytime groups.

    2. Parents, guardians or caregivers should be aware of library opening and closing times and make suitable arrangements to meet and transport their child or children.

      a. Children still at the library at closing time will be allowed to call their parent(s) from the library’s phone for transportation.
      b. The staff will call the CT State Police after all attempts have been made to get transportation home if a minor child (being defined as 18 years of age or younger) is left in the library one-half hour after closing time and does not have transportation home.  Two staff members will remain with the child.  Staff members will be paid for time spent waiting with the child until transportation arrives.  The child is the responsibility of the staff until parent or police arrive.

    3. Parents should be aware of the content of Connecticut General Statutes, sec. 53-21 regarding child neglect and risk to minors.  A copy is available in the library.

    4. All child, young adults and adults are expected to respect library property and other library patrons.  Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will result in the individual(s) being asked to leave the Babcock Library.  The CT State Police will be notified as deemed necessary by the staff.

    5. The judgment of the library staff prevails when requesting the removal of a child from the building in the event of behavioral difficulties.